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If the traditional design framework does not give us tools to enact change, how can we improve design agency, accuracy, and impact?

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Telling Chicago’s difficult and complex story of eminent domain and racial discrimination will show one narrative among many of the intentions, impacts, and consequences of policy on everyday citizens.


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 Understanding eminent domain in the modern age will illuminate that the spaces you believe you own, may have actually never been yours.


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There   is   no   debate   on   whether   the   housing  system  is  truly  working  for  its  citizens,  but  in  a  period  where  housing  is now a protective barrier to COVID, the question becomes is access to shelter a fundamental human right?


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A dramatic shift  in  the  practices,  composition,  and  authority  of    architecture,    engineering,    and    construction    professions   must   occur   to   power   the   design   revolution for a more equitable future.


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The roots of racial discrimination and institutional dissent run deep in the American Incarcerated System. But how did we get here and how do we address this black box?